Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New year awaits

Great to be back home after a lovely seaside holiday on the Central Coast. In the top pic is our rental - the one with the flagpole and massive frangipani. We virtually camped out under that tree with occasional forays into the water when it got too hot. Lots of food and drink and visits from friendly pelicans and even relatives. Hubby tipped his kayak over and had to be rescued by the neighbours in their tinnie, then he cut his foot on oyster shells but THEN he fell over and cracked a rib! Lucky it was on our last night and I won't say how much alcohol was involved but he is in a great deal of pain and on some heavy duty drugs which make him dopey but not very friendly!

I finally found a 10 deg ruler and made this gem . What a lot of possibilities it evokes! You are only limited by your imagination aren't you and mine has been in overdrive.
My teaching year starts in 10 days time with the calendar pretty much fully booked. Over the break I visited Blueberries at Wyong where I have some classes in April. What a lovely, big, bright shop and the girls were so welcoming. Go visit if you have the chance.
Check out my sidebar for classes in your area with the addition of Bernina Patch in Penrith on the 1st Sunday of the month starting February.
Our raffle quilt is starting its journey around the shops in the lead-up to our quilt show in April. Suzie Anderson has done a wonderful job quilting it and all that remains is the binding and a label. Keep an eye out for it in your travels around Penrith and the Mountains.


  1. It sounds like you are married to the Bundy Bear.

  2. Hey Chris.. It was great to meet you today at Ribbons and Rainbows. Oh and I must say thankyou because if I hadn't found your artical in the mag I would still have thought that the shop was a coffee shop.... LOL...