Thursday, July 22, 2010

What do you think of this block? Just a sample from my new project yet to be quilted.
Wouldn't it be great as a 30"+ centre medallion!
I found it in the new EQ7 and with a bit of tweaking it's in my Circle Sampler
A pic from my latest class at Berrima Patchwork. Pity about the sun in our eyes but it was a FREEZING day outside the shop.
One more class for these girls and they're well on the way to finishing their Mariners.
I still have a few Japanese kimono fabric packs for sale in my on-line shop. Click on the Sewnsell button on the left to have a look.


  1. That block is fantastic!!! I'm looking forward to seeing the circle sampler! I like the purple zig zag and the stripey edging. It would make a great centre.

  2. Ooo...I like that block! It took me a second when you said it was freezing...wish it was freezing here! :D I'm such a cold-weather gal!