Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy campers!

We had a fabulous time at camp even if it was a bit chilly outside. The sewing room was full of hot air all weekend with the girls sewing their hearts out. Fantastic results all around including very creative free-motion samplers. Some learnt a lot of new things about the sewing machines they'd been using for a while so all was good.
As you can see there was a wide variety of 10deg wedge ruler creations - only limited by the imagination of the sewer really. Prizes were awarded for all sorts of things including to Jeanette for sewing her instructions into her sample! (top row, 2nd pic). Janice definitely sewed better with her tongue out and Ann looked impressive surrounded by wonderful examples of her quilting.
One of the highlights of show and tell on Saturday night was Pam's "out-of-the-attic" jacket - a real blast from the past. (She'll die when she sees this).
More pics next post of the myriad of beautiful quilts these girls are producing - some in classes and some under their own steam. It's a visual delight.
My friend Rachael who was at camp for the Saturday classes sure has a bit of bragging to do. She is the current featured crafter in the second edition of Fat Quarterly an e-zine for crafters.
Her interview is very interesting and all her friends are being constantly surprised by her hidden talents.
Well done Rachael - it's a pleasure to know you and have you on our quilt show committee.


  1. Hi Chris,
    OH DEAR!!!!I'm writing this from heaven.....umm, weather is great up here! My Rebecca will be so embarrssed she thinks the Jacket is ugly. Well each to his own.
    I am sure I speak on behalf of all the Happy Campers it was a great weekend and so much talent! Thank you to you Chris and Anne for the organising the wekend. Can't wait for next Camp. Go girls and go Rachel it was good to meet you at last.

  2. just beautiful .
    wow I can imagine how happy all the campers are.
    I would love to make this as a center of a medallion quilt

  3. These quilts must have been made bargello style. Impressive looking quilts.