Monday, October 25, 2010


Thanks to everyone who stopped by and left a comment on my blog. It's lovely to hear from everyone especially the newbies who have finally taken the plunge - you know who you are! And thanks to all the "lurkers" as well.
Check out my op-shop find of the week - a quilt. Someone said it was just what I need!
In our little strip of shops we have three op-shops - what does that say about our area I wonder. As well as some really good linen pants and a top I scored this blue and white quilt. I hope Lonza, whose name was on it with the date 1997 will know it has gone to a good home. The piecing is perfect and the colours divine.

The latest quilt show meeting was at my house last Thursday evening and Petal bought the finished quilt along. Isn't it amazing. Check out the blog for the show in the coming days for more news.
We have several followers already and one of them is from Norway! How exciting is that. Hope they can come over for the show in April 2011.
 This pic is the start of five Noodle Box quilts from my Berrima class. They are all different but will come together beautifully - top right is Xmas-themed and you can see the violin in the centre. Bottom left is Tamsin's from the shop and she's using Clarice Cliff fabric in the quilt for her mum.
I'm off to Orange again this weekend for two days of NYB classes. Hope it's a bit warmer than last time!
And have a look at my class schedule on the sidebar for new classes coming up next year - maybe I'll see you sometime.


  1. How lucky are you with the find at the Op Shop all that work and to end up in the Op Shop, Oh dear. What a lovely quilt the Show quilt it is stunning. I am Looking forward to seeing it up close. The Colours are beautiful and capture the scene beautifully. Also congratulations to Helenclare on her win I am sure you will be very happy with the cushion.

  2. Congratulations Helenclare on winning the cushion. This now forces me to get my fabrics and rotary cutter out and get moving to make my own. How many themes can be made with a noodle box pattern? Could this be a 'Fundamental' challenge? Keep the pics coming. Great blog.

  3. The quilt with the striped fabrics is oh so good. It is amazing how the stripes create a secondary design. Wonderful use of fabric.