Monday, July 4, 2011

Out and about

Last Thursday I went to the Epping Quilters for a one-day workshop. They meet in a wonderful space in the Epping Community Centre - huge room, great lighting - lucky girls they are.
There were eight different projects happening on the day and I had a really busy day crossing from one side of the room to the other - incidental exercise I think they call it. Anyway it was all good and here a just a few pics from the day.

This was from the scrap basket and came together really well and with great excitement from a newbie to foundation piecing.
Several students were doing NYB blocks and some were doing Birds in Paradise

So excited to finish a basic Mariners compass!

Saturday was my Bathurst class and their NYB quilts are coming together beautifully. Isn't this black-and- white-plus just a stunner!

More muted colours but just as graphic.

What a variety of blocks

Sunday at Hobbysew and Janelle's batik NYB's is getting closer to a finish. Hard for girls who are working full-time to do any homework!

This has been a work-in-progress for quite some time now but Marrianne really got her skates on and this is the result.
I am hosting the unveiling of our group's mini border-go-round tomorrow night so there will be some amazing pics to show from that.
Don't forget that Cottage Quiltworks is having a Quilt Escape with lots of tutors starting next Monday. Love to see you there.


  1. Such wonderful works going there!

  2. Beautiful work by your students, Chris. Gosh, you do get around, don't you? I hope you have some good audiobooks to listen to in the car :-))