Tuesday, October 4, 2011


When the weather's as bad as it was over the weekend what's there to do but get in and sew!

I had a lot of UFO's (still do) sitting around so I got stuck in and finished these.

This was started at camp 3? years ago and didn't take long at all to make up.
Very graphic design isn't it.

Playing around with my favourite doilies again.
I also spent a bit of time on ebay looking at and bidding on feedsacks and feedsack fabric - didn't win one item!

This is the centre block from the doily quilt with lovely little hexagons surrounding the basket.

I have a collection of completed circle blocks and this was one of them.
Didn't take long to complete the design and all the fabric was in the stash.
It feels so good to use up fabric that's been sitting there for too long.
Just needs a centre circle.


  1. It's a winning trifecta! They're all so different and wonderful! I can see the triangle one done in modern bold prints, maybe some Mexican heads ;-).

  2. All three are wonderful, and so original. Love 'em!

  3. what a perfect weekend........one day I will get to a course with you.........

  4. oh my all three of these quilts are just beautiful
    I am so drawn to the last one the colors are just so me!!!!! will it be a pattern someday?
    the 30's quilt just makes me smile though... beautiful basket
    thanks for sharing....beautiful

  5. I so like the piece with all the triangles.