Monday, April 30, 2012


A few pics from recent classes to start - Jukejema in Nowra and Hobbysew Kings Park.

Check out the fussy-cutting - Jenny's famous for it now.

Lorraine's Peacock quilt

Recently we had my daughter's baby shower at my house. My haven't they changed over the years!
We had some special visitors who were there to take part in the change-the-nappy game. Here they are waiting for the fun to begin.

Lenore is well-known for unusual cakes and this was one of them. The big round tummy lifted up and there were two babies inside - no we're not having twins.
It was a great day. We had LOTS of punch and played spit-the-dummy and other very funny games. Erica received so many beautiful gifts for her baby there's not much left to buy.
Here she is with friends as we played celebrity-baby-heads! Too funny - I didn't even know the celebrity parents let alone the children.

Now this gem is Viewer's Choice from the Springwood Quilt Show this past weekend. Lots of pics and info on the show blog. Go check it out. 
I'm off to Melbourne again this weekend to teach for the Wangaratta Quilters at their retreat at Dookie College. More tales next week.


  1. Fantastic cake! Beautiful pieced blocks.

  2. As usual I am thrilled to see the photos of great quilt. Love the peacock quilt and that tree of life applique is wonderful. That cake will keep me smiling all morning. :)

  3. Lol!! That cake is hilarious!! That peacock quilt is beautiful. Lots of fabulous circle blocks, I love seeing all the different fabric combos.