Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Class pics

Lots of pics today in no particular order.
Heather's cushion from my Basket Case pattern. When I saw this in the flesh I ran straight to Spotlight and bought some of that yummy border fabric!

Deco Lamp from my Bathurst class.

Belinda brought in her Reproduction Beauties to show the finished item, quilted by Belinda Betts (a different Belinda!) from Orange.
Below is a detail of the quilting from the back - another fine example of Belinda's quilting expertise.

Laurel's finished Almost Austen. My original quilt has disappeared - I think it might have gone from a shop but no idea which one or when!

Lesley's Mariners Garden

You can just see Jane from my MOB class and the start of her Mariners Madness.
Have a look at Kathy's latest post - she mentions my latest quilt in Homespun magazine. Thanks for the plug Kathy!

I'm taking a photo of Michelle taking a photo of her NYB blocks coming together beautifully.

Supernova Leftovers block from Jessie.

These two belong to Bronwyn and Alice - same pattern but different looks.

Below is Tracey's first block in the Lots of Dots journey.
I was playing with a photo app called Vintique and came up with this version of her block.

I came across this article the other day on a running stitch for machine quilting. Check it out, it's very interesting.
I'm off to Snake Gully Quilters today - wish me luck in the wilds of Muswellbrook!
I'll be back with more pics soon.


  1. A post jam packed with awesome quilts and blocks!! I hope your Almost Jane Austin turns up one day.

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