Monday, August 26, 2013


Myself and a group of friends have just returned from the V & A exhibition in Brisbane and what a time we had!
Here we are enjoying happy hour on our first night .
We stayed right in the centre of town in two apartments and as you can see we were up in the air with all the birds and a great view.

On our walks to dinner and just around town we came across so many patchwork-themed scenarios.
Have a look at Rachael's blog - she had the camera out all the time and has some excellent pics for inspiration. This was in the head office of mining giant Rio Tinto.

Good old Queen Vic. She must be in all state capitals!
This greeted us at the Brisbane Art Gallery - I'd like the wallpaper after the event is over. Wonder what happens to it all? We were so excited to actually be there after lots of anticipation.

 No pics were allowed of the V & A quilts but there was a Ruth Stoneley show on at the same time. This was my favourite - a wonky log cabin?

Lunch at the Gallery - beautiful setting and lovely food too.
I saw several friends from the local area who'd all made the same trip.
Like old home week really.


  1. I shall be first to comment! We girls had a great weekend. The whole weekend was one of inspiration from the Quilts on Show from the V & A Museum in London to just wandering around the city taking in the sites and patterns around us. We had a leisurely stroll along the South Bank back to our Apartment after the Quilt viewing. We all spent a very pleasant evening dining out and chatting afterwards with a vino or 2 sharing many past stories. Some very amusing I had a great time.

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  3. Lovely to see you all had such a good time - just as it should be! Hope you were impressed by the quilts too ;)

  4. What a great weekend!!! The Ruth Stoneleigh exhibition was a bonus wasn't it. She was doing big stitch quilting back in the 80's!!