Monday, February 24, 2014

Not skiing!

What do you do in Cooma when it's not snowing - you go to a quilting workshop!
And it was me last weekend and a great group of Cooma locals and visitors.
There were three projects going at the one time and here's a sample of the beautiful work these girls do...
...the start of Deb's Dahlia.

Fay was tackling the Supernova quilt and using lots of scrap fabrics
Heidi's centre - check out those roses!

This is Julies' - a colour wheel exercise. Can't wait to see what she does next.

Narelle has pieced this by hand over papers and her work is superb. What a woman!

The other project was Scrappy Windmills - don't seem to have a pic of a finished block.
You know they're having fun when the table's a mess.

 Then it was show and tell from last year's workshop...
Heidi just finished quilting this NYB for Chris. You can't see the quilting but it was beautiful and Heidi's first "custom" job.

Helen's Hatchet - Love the grey fabric and the brights she's used.
 Jenny? used last year's NYB blocks in a different setting. That's a panel in the centre and the border diamonds were appliqued. Fantastic!

Two Noodle Boxes - see we do finish things!

This is an old dahlia centre from the 70's brought for show and tell. Love that border.

And Deb's NYB top. Well done.
Cooma's a lovely town and I had a great time visiting - thanks guys. See you again next year.


  1. I went dancing at a Texas dance bar with Julie at QuiltCon, how nice that you got to go to quilting class with her. It looks like everyone made wonderful things.

  2. Lots of lovely show and tell, a clever group.

  3. I love seeing the dahlias, they look great in whatever fabrics are used! How wonderful to see some finished quilts from last year, they all look fabulous.

  4. OMG what wonderful work you shows.
    Grit from Germany

  5. Chris, as always amazing work by your students, just love the noodlebox pattern with the house's, great idea!

  6. Thanks for posting these, Chris. They are inspirational to see and just pure eye candy for us quilt lovers. xCathy. (p.s. Giveaway at mine if you're interested). :)

  7. What a spectacular quilt show you gave us. Kudos to all the ladies for they bright and complex projects.