Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Bloggers Festival #2


This is my second entry in Amy's Bloggers Festival - my Cut Loose Sampler - no pattern available.

It's in the Original Design category and is a sampler of different blocks and techniques.

There's an eight-point star and free-form flying geese...

there's curved piecing and appliqued hexagons, plus a couple of log cabin blocks...

there's a basket block and half a feathered star plus some square-in-a-square blocks...

"made fabric" hexagons and lots more.

It was machine quilted by me and the quilting is a sampler too with lots of different designs in all the different blocks. Click on the pics for a closer look.

Thanks again Amy for a great Festival!


  1. Have you been smoking that funny stuff again LOL.
    It looks amazing!!

  2. My first impression of your quilt is that it's too busy for me. But then I got to looking at the detail photographs and it's rather fascinating. I've spent several minutes scrolling up and down through this post looking at the different elements. Well done!

  3. So fun! This is a happy, anything goes quilt.

  4. It's just great - it IS busy, but exciting and a bit mad and best of all, different! Nice to see Scrappy Windmills in your last post, and of course those wonderful table toppers before that! (We move in 2 weeks!! Chaos reigns).