Sunday, March 8, 2015

Class action

It's like I've never been away! Back into regular classes with lots of finishes lately...
Bronwyn's amazing Pineapple miniature - I think the blocks were 2" square?

Jenny finished and had her Sunflower quilt quilted over the holidays - beautiful.

Not sure of the quilter but she did a great job.

Karen's Birds in Paradise with her own border version.

Lesley's Oriental Mariners - stunning.

I've been quilting lately and had a lot of trouble finding something to mark a cable on the fabric in this border. I finally settled on the Frixion pen and I hope it doesn't come back to haunt me!
Top pic is green pen while the bottom one is black. I went with the green in the end and just need to iron it off now. What do you use on fabrics like this??

ALERT!! Entries for the Springwood Quilt Show close next Friday 13th March.
If you haven't entered yet the on-line form is here along with a printable version you can fill in and  post off. Help make this 10th year a BIG one!


  1. As always a lovely display of students work. I am comtemplatkng using the Frixion pen on my quilt after seeing yours in actions but nervous. I wonder if anyone else has used one will have to investigate.

  2. Great work as always, from your students,mi use frixon pen for embroidery and have had no problem.

  3. Inspiring as always. It is good to be back to a new year of classes getting ideas and inspiration.

  4. Just wondering if the templates are large enough and firm enough - would a scoring pen be an option for the quilt marking ? I find the marks hold very well but not done curves with it.

  5. Berol washable by Papermate, recommended by Janet at Quiltsalott. The marking mess I had made washed out.

  6. It's always good to see your students' work, but knowing that the designs are yours makes seeing them even more remarkable. You have such a gift! Thanks for sharing.

  7. They're all beautiful - you obviously teach them really well! I especially love the sunflower one. It has a real wow-factor. Hope all is well with you. xCathy