Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Jigsaw Mystery Quilt BOM

Have you ever made a mystery quilt? Want to start one with me?
I have a Block of the Month Mystery Quilt available now from my Etsy shop.
There will be 18 different blocks in the quilt, using lots of different techniques
The mystery runs over 12 months and you can join any time
Download each month from my Etsy shop www.Patchworkfun.etsy.com
Months 1, 2, 4, 10, 11 & 12 will cost $5/download
Months 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 will cost $8/download - these months have 2
and sometimes 3 blocks to make in the month
Month one block below

If you intend to participate in the 12-month mystery quilt
you will need to set your colourway first. 

·       You will need a large print, colourful fabric at least 74” x 15” (1.9m long x 40cms wide).
Be adventurous – the more colours in your fabric strip,
the more choices you have for your mystery blocks!
·       Each month’s instructions will contain fabric requirements for that month. You can work your stash, using fabrics that will coordinate with your large print

The first month of this Jigsaw BOM will be listed for purchase in my Etsy shop at www.patchworkfun.etsy.com after 1 August 2018, for a fee of $5.
This will be an instant download which you save to your computer
and then print off.
It will contain instructions and templates for the applique block shown above.
Each subsequent month – there will be 12 of them in total – will be released on or around the first of each month thereafter and will be available at www.patchworkfun.etsy.com to download and print off.
The last month will be released in June 2019.
Most months will cost $5/download. However, some months will contain two or even three blocks with instructions and templates or foundations. The fee for these will be $8/download.

And here is my first month's block
I do hope you can join me on this journey!
Pics will be posted on my IG - @patchworkfun and FB page - Chris Jurd
with the tag #jigsawmysteryquilt


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