Monday, May 25, 2009

Hasn't the rain been wonderful - the chimney only leaks when it's really pouring! Most of the autumn leaves have fallen off our big tree and we can get to and open up the deck area to all the beautiful winter sun when it decides to reappear.
I've had hubby home for 10 days after a hand operation - we called it "practicing for retirement" and surprise we are still speaking to each other! Lots of shopping and a movie as well - we'd be broke if it went on for too long tho.
So it was nice to get out on the weekend to Sat and Sun classes at Springwood and Kings Park.
All the girls are so happy to be able to sit and sew uninterrupted for 5 hrs or so - away from all family distractions - you know what it's like.
Laurel has done a fine job on her Almost Austen quilt. She bought the fabric in the UK at Hampton Court and after seeing Jane Austen's quilt in the flesh had the seeds of her next project.

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