Monday, June 13, 2011

Lovely weather....

for sewing that is. How nice it is to be inside with the fire going and the whole day ahead to do whatever I fancy.
Yesterday I went to the Glenbrook Cocktail Quilters quilt show with my friend Rachael. She took some pics at the show and you can see them on her blog. Morning tea was pretty good too and we ran into lots of familiar quilty faces.
When I came home I had a chance to finish this. It's a really scrappy number that I call a "faux" wedding ring. There's no curved piecing but you get that look and it used up quite a bit from the repro scrap bag.
The borders are on and I'll wait for a better day to take a finished pic.

Lorraine's William in Paradise quilt just needs some applique to finish it off. The colour choices are beautiful and she has designed a final border repeating the centre NYB block. Can't wait to see the result.

Vicki has combined two quilts here and resized the diamond border to fit.
Fancy cutting of the stripe border was just perfect for the project tho can you see the top border was sewn on in reverse! Always happens when you're in a hurry doesn't it.

Aahhh Laurel's quilt! This has gone on for I don't know how long but finally came together last week.
It's a testament to never give up on a project - it looks fantastic and I know she is very proud of her efforts.

Two from Warriewood class - lots of room in this Mariners for "special" quilting
and the Pickled Lillies below just needs some more applique to assume finished status.

Cottage Quiltworks at Warriewood are having their annual Quilt Escape next month with nine teachers offering classes over five days from the 11th of July. There are a few spots left in my 2 day class on Monday and Tuesday where you can choose between this Summer Baskets doily quilt or make a start on my Reproduction NYB quilt. Ring the shop for details - I'd love to see you there.

Summer Baskets Doily Quilt

Reproduction Beauties


  1. I love that top one ( and all the others)!

  2. Yes, that faux wedding ring quilt is a stunner!

  3. Your faux WR is beautiful!! Such a clever pattern! I'm in love with Laurel's quilt, the colours/fabrics are wonderful. It's always a treat looking at your blog, always so many beautiful things to see!