Monday, March 19, 2012


Lots of pics today so here goes.....

Lurley has done a wonderful job on her Lots of Dots despite some health issues lately. Clever fussy-cutting too.

Last Wednesday I was at Material Obsession for part two of a NYB class. Robyn used shot cottons and a gorgeous Yuwa background fabric she received on the day as a gift - just perfect! I think they are macaroons.

Elkie left the class a month ago with 2or 3 finished blocks and came back this month with 17! And she has a two year old. I think she must like doing NYBs. Aren't they beautiful with lots of William Morris.

Robyn made this for a friend - with NY fabric too.

Pam is working her way thru the same blocks all in batiks. Looks great.

This weekend I was in Murrumburrah. Where's that you say? About 4 hours south west of where I live near the town of Young. Lovely country town with the usual problem of half the shops being empty. But one of the liveliest ones is the Quilters Stash run by Sue Chesworth. It should really be called the community centre as it's the magnet for local girls to drop in and catch up on all that's happening in the town. No gossiping tho!

The class worked so hard to get their Mariners centres completed in the two days - nearly.

Don't you love it. Available in a large panel from Sue.

WIPs with Mary's lovely face. She and her husband "retired" to the area and bought 700 acres. Now they are farmers and loving it. Some retirement! Sorry Vicki I seem to have missed a pic of yours on the wall.

Auditioning for the background.

Here's the rogues gallery outside the shop. If you're ever down that way you must call in - you'll get a real country welcome. I sure did.

Some new family has moved in over the road from the shop - Shrek's the surname I think!
Entries close this Thursday for the Springwood Quilt Show - have you posted yours yet?


  1. Wonderful inspiration as always.

  2. Murrumburrah looks like such a fun place! Those ladies whipped up those beautiful compasses in one weekend, I'm impressed! Your Material Obsession students are on fire with the NY blocks! How cute is the macaroon fabric! Those Shreks made me laugh out loud!!