Monday, March 12, 2012

Class pics

Remember this dahlia segment from a few weeks ago?

Well it's turned into this! Silk and satin make up the dresden centre and it's just beautiful. Lovely work Prue who's only been patchworking for a couple of years.

Rosemary is winging it with this compass centre. What to do next she says - more borders I say. It's been an interesting exercise working out the fabrics and the maths! but it's going to be great.

This is Rachael's ENORMOUS quilt for the Springwood Quilt Show - it took two to hold it up and it still sagged.
Love those geese.

And this is what Rachael bought me for my recent birthday complete with varmint.
I can put my orchid/geranium or whatever is in flower inside this and the possums can't eat it!
Thanks so much Rachael - I love it - and the dotty ribbon. Pancho in the background couldn't care less!

What the lovely ladies of Blackheath are wearing these days! Looks a bit nautical doesn't it but we did all have a laugh.

Now two quilts from the same pattern - Judy's first then Rosemary's.

Don't they look good - you can see the Jacobean Star pattern here.
I am teaching this at AQC in four weeks time!! So excited and just a bit nervous. I sent off my quilts and other bits today - hope they are there waiting for me when I need them.
I'm off to Murrumburrah - near Cootamundra - this weekend for 2 days at The Quilters Stash. A long way to drive but I'm really looking forward to seeing this part of the country.
I'm sure to have some pics to share.

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  1. It's great to see the progress shots of the purple dahlia!! Those Jacobean Stars are amazing. Loved the photo of the Blackheath girls, now I know what to wear the next time I head up the mountain. Thanks for showing my Matilda Quilt, I'm just about to fill out my Springwood Show entry forms.