Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It's not all bad!

This is my Lotus Flower quilt from the recent Sydney Quilt Show - a reproduction of a quilt from the 1850s.
Two days before drop-off day I thought I'd better check for any remaining blue water-erasable pen marks that I used in the quilting process. So with sponge in hand I proceeded to dab - not soak - the offending bits. Imagine my shock and horror when this happened - see below.
I never wash my fabric and this is the result!

I had to ring and get an extension from my drop-off lady (the lovely Isabel) and proceeded to try and remove the runs.

Half a packet of Dylon Colour Run Remover in a bowl of hot water and a packet of cotton buds did the trick. I used the liquid sparingly and a towel to soak it up as I went.

 It took two applications with drying in between and the quilt was looking pretty good. Off to the show it went and on close inspection I don't think anyone would pick it up.
What a lesson!

On a happier note this is my BOM quilt called Square Dance being released through Material Obsession in Sydney. The quilt has four big centre blocks mostly foundation pieced with flying geese sashing, four smaller border blocks and a diamond border. 
Deco Lamp block

Shadow compass

Feathered nine patch


And Double Sun - just a few of the blocks in the quilt.
It's a 10 month programme with patterns and fabric and all the details are available from the shop.
Tell them I sent you!


  1. Hi Chris,
    You are so lucky we have colour run remover these days. Guess there is a lesson there for all the non washers of fabric out there!
    I really like Square Dance. Give a girl some funky fabric and this is what she comes up with well done love it I hope it does well for Material Obsession.

  2. Love this block of the month. I will check it out!

  3. Oh my golly, that would have been awful to go through! I'm so glad you were able to get the red mostly out. I didn't notice any bleeding at all at the show. It's so exciting you have a BOM with Material Obsession! Square Dance is a great name!!

  4. Oh goodness! I never wash either and this is always a huge fear! Great quilts...as always!
    Love Square Dance!

  5. Oh Chris, seeing the picture of the red bleeding even made my heart race. I too do not pre-wash my fabrics. Having had a similar experience with a cactus flower red, green and white reproduction quilt, I now only pre-wash my red fabrics. Despite technological advancements, red dyes in most fabrics still bleed.

    As always, your blocks and quilt are spectacular!!

  6. Hate learning those kinds of lessons, but I did! I had red run in a quilt too. Now I never, ever use fabric in a quilt that hasn't been prewashed. It's not worth the risk, nor the agony, shrieks and tears, when it runs! Red and blue prints get special treatment - their own bath in a tub of salt water. It helps a lot!

  7. Hi Chris. Just popping over from Blue Mountain Daisy. What an fabulous block you made. Your sampler quilt looks stunning.

  8. I made a red and white quilt with unwashed fabric. I threw in lots of Color Catchers!

  9. Glad you were able to save your quilt! I always wash my fabrics, but have had a few bleed anyway, so you never can be certain. Your BOM is gorgeous!

  10. Hi Chris, I bet you felt sick when you saw the bleeding. My quilt didn't make it into the show this year for the same reason. It had alot of white on the front and I sprayed the blue pen off and the hot pink backing bled up through the stitching to the quilt front.I'm devistated and I've learnt a huge lesson and I will never use the blue soluable pen again.
    I love your new BOM. Look like it would be fun to make...