Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Bomaderry is just north of Nowra on the NSW coast and home to a lovely group of ladies who sew at a local church hall. I was there on Saturday for a NYB class and here are some of the results...
These blocks always delight with contrast being the key for a stunning block.

Chevrons are big at the moment and you can see why.

Wow again!

Not everything has to be bright - lots of different blues work just as well.

Love those geese.

Statue of Liberty?

Not quite sure how this happened but I love it.

Solids in the mix.

Great contrast.
And Maggie brought in her Mariners Garden started in a previous class. The quilting was amazing and I think she's pretty proud of her efforts. Well done.
This weekend sees me in Caloundra - southern Queensland - for two days of the same quilt then hubby and I are cruising down the coast to be in Dorrigo on Friday for my gig at the Misty Mountain Getaway - can't wait to see this beautiful area and meet all the other tutors and students of course.
Hope I can post from the ipad while I'm away.
Here's a link to some info on caring for your quilts.


  1. Love these NYB.
    Is that a pattern I see under one of the blocks.
    Where di I go to get one of them?
    Do you ever teach in Dubbo. There are two quilt shops here.

  2. Just love these beautiful works.....gorgeous gorgeous eye candy. Thank you for brightening up my day. Marie

  3. what fun combinations. I've always wanted to do one of these!

  4. It's great to see those Bombaderry students getting straight to the point. Have fun on your travels to exotic places.

  5. My favourite NYB blocks always interesting colour options. Have a great time away teaching should be fun.