Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lots to look at

From Lisa and the Dorrigo class. Her Mariners on its background. Love it.
And these are the littlies born in the class four weeks later. Looks like a toilet paper commercial!

I gave a show-and-tell last week for the Redberry Quilters in Berry. They meet in a beautiful new part of the local church hall and here they are eagerly awaiting my talk. What a pleasure it was to speak to the group of such enthusiastic girls. Morning tea was pretty good too. Lots of questions and some show-and-tell from them too.

This was started last year in a Bomaderry class - Maxine's quilting was superb. Pity you can't see it.
Jenny has been working on this for quite a while now. It's big - the circle is 50" across from memory.
We found a lovely wide-back to put it on and it looks great. Not sure what comes next.

Pam has been busy too with her Jacobean Star...
... and the feathered star she started at quilt camp in August - well done.
You can't see it but there's a tiny blue peeper around the centre square which was just perfect.

I've just come home from a two day workshop for the NSW Quilters Guild on the Lots of Dots quilt.
Those girls sewed their hearts out and the results are beautiful.

The start of the first block....

... mostly completed first block.

Some close-ups of WIPs

And the nearly completed second block. Same pattern but oh so different.
Hard to pick a favourite isn't it.

Guild workshops are conducted in a great venue at Epping with good lighting and lots of tables.
Apart from a blackout on day one - luckily timed for our lunch hour - all went well with a lovely group of girls all keen to perfect their foundation piecing.
Thanks Linda and the Guild for asking me!


  1. Wow!! So many wonderful compasses and colourful quilts. Those kittens are SO cute!!

  2. The Guild Workshop girls certainly know how to quickly whip up the Lots of Dots Pattern. There couldn't have been much idle chatter going on! Well done! Lover the different vibrant colourways. Just love the kittens they are so cute.