Tuesday, November 5, 2013

NYBs and others

Last Friday I managed to get to Friday Showcase at the NSW Quilters Guild office to see the beautiful quilts of Leanne Harvey. And boy were they amazing. I was in the wrong spot to take any pics but you can see her work here. Among other things Leanne told us about her recent health scare which resulted in her losing an eye! Can you imagine what that would mean. And this girl was and still is an amazing long-arm quilter. What a woman!
Following on from the Guild workshop last week two girls brought their blocks along to show me their progress. This is Lyn's above and Sandra's below. Don't their fabric choices look great.

Here's Leanne and you can't see in the pic but the whole time she was talking there was a guy behind her cleaning the windows outside - we were on the 5th floor and he was suspended on ropes!
Here's a sample of her quilting - so good.
At The Home Patch in Bathurst on Saturday Maree showed me some variations on the NYB blocks she's been working on. I'd shown her a few examples and she's taken it from there. Clever girl. Why didn't I think of that!

Sooooooooo when I got home I started some more of my own. These are 12" blocks and so much fun. Wonder where this will lead!


  1. It would have been great to Leanne's work, it's so good you got to go. Obviously the window washer was enjoying the show too! I love all those beauties and compasses!!

  2. Yummo! What a great idea to add a border to NYB points must try that one. Wonder what the window washer was thinking of you all!