Friday, April 4, 2014

Up in the hills!

These pretties were outside my window each morning as I woke up in Dorrigo at the lovely farmhouse of Carolyn and Trevor. Lots of their brothers and sisters kept us awake a few nights, missing their mums.

The four days were run by Misty Threads, a quilt shop in the town of Dorrigo. Have you heard of the Misty Mountains Getaway? Same place.
We did NY Beauty and Lots of Dots workshops with some fantastic results as you can see.
These NYB blocks were from 16 different girls but they could all work in the one quilt. Lots of fun was had choosing fabrics and playing with combinations.
 to get the best contrast.

A few Dots blocks - love them all.
Fussy cutting around the centre...

and Chris was trying to use up some if her stash to great effect. She even showed me how to get that stripe straight! See, you never stop learning.
I'll be back in Dorrigo for the Getaway come September. Can't wait and if you're interested have a look here.
Check out this link for the winners of the 2014 Indiana Heritage Quilt Show. Could take a while!


  1. Those quilters certainly know how to use colour!! Cute little calves, they have the sweetest faces. Thanks for the link, I'll enjoy looking the quilts on my train trip home.

  2. Always love seeing how one pattern is interpreted in so many different but all equally stunning ways! The calves don't seem that impressed though? xCathy