Monday, April 28, 2014

What makes a great quilt show?

Lots and lots of quilts that's what - and we had over 150 of them on display.
It's been and gone for another year and what a success it was. No $$ figures just yet.
This post is full of pics from the show so here goes...
Viewers Choice for Friday - Laurelle Krebs

Viewers Choice for Saturday - Jeanette McKechnie
and Viewers Choice for Sunday Rachaeldaisy!

I had three quilts in the show - Scrappy Windmills which is a modern version of our raffle quilt.

Fiesta - a riot of NYB blocks

and Ferris Wheel
Lots of my students exhibited their work - this is Heather Hacker with her take on Graces Quilt

A few Deco Lamps too - Lorraine Titcume

Susan Dellas

Sandra McConnell

Rachael again with Emperors Wheel

Lorraine with Hatchet

Bronwyn's Chocolate Stars

Rachael's Supernova

Judy's Deco lamp
Pam's Dahlia

Mandy with another Deco Lamp. All great quilts that added to the magnificent display.

Two quilts really caught my eye - this was made of men's ties and was a real bugger to  display!
It was made by Barbara Thomas and was a real treat to examine closely.

And this is Rachael Caruana's - The Fall. Wonderful small quilt.
Look at the leaves on his tie!
There are more blog posts about the show here and here  with lots of pictures.
All in all it was a fabulous three days as you would know if you attended the show.
A bit of a rest for all the committee and it's full steam ahead with next year's 10th exhibition.
If you live in the Blue Mountains area I hope you'll have a quilt in!


  1. What a great selection from the show! Rachael Caruanas quilt was really amazing, beautiful detail and so perfectly made. I still can't quite beileve the viewers choice award.

  2. Rachael it was a well deserved win clever idea and very colourful. It was a great quilt show

  3. I love that the daily viewer's choices were so different, but certainly all amazing! Thanks so much for sharing the gorgeous show with those of us on another continent. Your scrappy windmills is very special. Happy Monday!

  4. Looks like it was a real treat of a show! So wonderful for you that you have inspired so many colourful quilts with your patterns/classes, and your three quilts are stunners - congratulations!

  5. Wow - they are all just stunning. I particularly like the Dahlia one, and of course, your scrappy windmills. The ties are a bit of a talking point too - never seen that before! xCathy