Tuesday, June 3, 2014

It's been a while...

...since I posted. That's because not much is happening class-wise.
I've had a few days off from teaching and they've been spent  writing the pattern for a new Hobbysew BOM. It's made using new their aboriginal range of fabrics and I think it looks pretty good.
Here's a sneak peek - terrible pic sorry. Due for release soon!
Isn't this Lone Star wonderful. It's Gilberto's third top in this design - he's become an expert at all those diamonds and it is so flat. It's huge - over 2m square.
Alice is working on my 30s Wheel quilt - hers is in reproductions and looks like an antique quilt.
You can't see the fussy cut birds in the centre of each block. Beautiful.

Janelle's Broken Arrow is a WIP. When we meet once a month it's time for the next border design.
The setting triangles will bring it back to square then it's more borders to add. The fun is in trialling this or that to see what suits best.

And Denise is making progress with her Mariners Madness. Don't you love the purple background. It really makes the compass jump out at you.
The countdown is on til the Sydney Quilt show in July and I've finally finished two quilts for display.
I'm not too happy with the finished results of either of them but it will be exciting to see them hanging in the new venue at Glebe Island.
This is taken from the centre's website and details how to get there. They are pretty much saying don't drive - there's limited parking.

Free special event transport will operate on exhibition days. Scheduled ferry services will run from Darling Harbour, along with scheduled bus services from Central Station (departing from Bus Bay 13 on Eddy Ave, near the police station) via Murray Street, Darling Harbour.
Free special event transport and timetables will be tailored to each event, with details posted on the event website at the time of ticketing or registration.

I'll leave you with a pic of little Harper and mummy at her 2nd birthday party - where has the time gone!


  1. What a great idea to use the aboriginal prints for your BOM. I love that Gilberto has made not one but three lone stars!! Alice's wheels look wonderful, love the bird centres. Happy Birthday to Harper, 2 years has really flown by! I bet the free transport to the show will work really well, I'm sure they'll have it all figured out.

  2. I have been trying to comment for a week now but it hasn't been letting me post so hope that this time it works. Harper is such a little cutie and a joy for you all who had the most fun, Mummy Harper or Nanna? Great blog as always. Here goes see if this works.