Monday, September 29, 2014

Misty Mountains Getaway

I've just returned from four days teaching at the Misty Mountains Getaway in Dorrigo, just inland from Coffs harbour. I had a total of 26 students doing five different projects and had a wow of a time.
One group was working on the Noodle Box quilt-as-you-go

The one below had the most beautiful machine embroidery in the centre of each block and yes those are my toes.
 Another group was working on Winbourne

 While there were lots doing the Emperors Wheel quilt - more flying geese!

Here are the Emperors girls proudly showing their achievements.
The Getaway this year attracted 143 students over six days with six or seven tutors teaching all sorts of one and two day classes.
If you get the chance to go you should - quilters pretty much take over the town. I know the locals really appreciate it and the girls have a ball.
Show-and-tell and dinner out every night - it's great fun.
My next post will be number 250! so I'm thinking I'll have a giveaway to celebrate.
Stay tuned.


  1. Some great work there Chris, time for you to come back to us now.

  2. Great week of work girls all pieces look fantastic

  3. Wow, sounds fun and busy! I love the group shot with all the geese circles, dont they look wonderful!! I hope they have their quilts finished to show you when you go back next year.

  4. All so great as usual, but they do have a good teacher! I love those machine embroidered peacocks, and it's given me an idea for using my paisley shaped clay printing stamp. You're having too much fun - as you say, better than 'real work'! Lol! x