Monday, July 27, 2015

Recent class action

I'm seeing lots of Strippy Samplers appearing lately - all different but looking great..
Pam's above

These rows are a combination of three separate quilts. I've made the girls add a row of their own making - see Sue's butterfly blocks.

Jenny's quilted and bound hers and used lots of unusual vintage fabrics. Love it!

It must be two years ago I taught in Caloundra and Debbie has sent me some pics of her finishes.
Colourful NYBs and she's used the border from Mariners Madness around her tree of life to great effect.

 Jenny again with the centre block from her Asian Strings quilt. It could be a logo for WWF couldn't it. I'm sure there'll be a finished quilt from her next class.
 Jessie has spent quitter a while on this NYB quilt and has gifted it to rellies in the US. How lucky are they!

And Lisa is well on the way to finishing her Red Dust BOM. Have I mentioned this is available thru Hobbysew stores?

For the first time in 15 years of teaching I had to cancel a class! I felt so bad about it but we've had snow here and the highway was closed so no getting over the mountains to Mudgee.
Luckily it's been rescheduled for next weekend so all's good.
And I'm off to Canberra this weekend for secret quilting business.
More about that later!


  1. All looking bright and beautiful

  2. Wow ! What a beautiful group of quilts !

  3. So inspiring, sometime I must get out of my comfort zone and have a go at wonky and wobbly. So many great ideas - do little time!

  4. Just stumbled across your blog... very inspiring! The strippy samplers look exciting, will pop back to see more!

  5. All stunning as usual - you must be so proud of what they make! And now I'm wondering what secret business you are up to. You can't end a post with a cliff-hanger like that! X