Saturday, January 24, 2015

Fun stuff

Erratum: My quilt photos from yesterday seemed to have loaded in the wrong order. The junior winner was the fish quilt not the intricate pickle dish. 
Saturday was sumo day. On the way we stumbled across a temple in beautiful gardens, complete with a performing monkey and a christening. 

At the end of his tricks his,owner turned on the heater for him!

The baby cried thru the whole ceremony. That's grandma in the middle dressed in lots of finery. 

We watched a few wrestlers arriving like film stars on the red carpet. They are massive!

Sunday we hopped on the bullet train and headed for Hiroshima. Lovely city despite its history. 

I hope the girl next to me didn't  mind her picture being taken! Mt Fuji in all its glory on the five hour train ride. Amazing trip. Why can't we do something like that. 

Gardens everywhere and proper coffee shops. 

It looked like a meth lab. The coffee is produced from a test tube and a Bunsen burner thingy. Very modern. 

All around the Peace Park are these pAper cranes - thousands,of them and so pretty. 

These are all made up,of individual origami cranes. Beautiful. 
Finally at dinner we saw this little guy out for a walk. How bizarre!


  1. I'd heard of raccoon dogs (Tanuki) in Japan but never raccoons! Seems they are imported as pets. What an odd sight!

  2. Great post again Chris, enjoyed another excellent day of sightseeing.

  3. How cute is that little monkey!! It's so cool that you saw the Sumo wrestlers. I've often wished the train into Sydney from the Mountains was a bullet train.

  4. Goodness - aren't you seeing some sights Chris?! I'm a coffee addict but I can't quite see that set up on the breakfast bar!

  5. How cute, raccoon as a pet, monket with its own personal heater. Not things you see everyday. Lots of stories when you get back. I wonder how all this will fund itself into your quilts.

  6. Lovely! The intricate pickle dish makes me think of eyelashes!