Friday, January 30, 2015


Last day in Hiroshima we went via tram, train and ferry to Miyajima Island. A huge temple complex with lots of shrines and even more souvenir shops. The weather was terrible but didn't stop us enjoying the adventure. 
Here's a local waiting out,of the rain. Free range deer are everywhere, even on the beach eating seaweed. 

This is an indication of the weather!

These were all over the foreshore. 

79 slippery steps up to the temple complex!

Beautiful setting. Imagine this in spring with all the plants flowering. 

Then on to Kyoto and the Golden Palace. Great city with lots of shopping (read more fabric). I would have liked more time here but that's the way it happened. 
A weeks not long enough for sure but thanks to Heather and Tony's expert organising we covered lots of ground and saw some amazing things. I could definitely go back. 
Home now and back to the real world!


  1. It must seem longer than a week, you've seen so many beautiful things.

  2. Love the deer, even in the rain the temples and landscapes are beautiful. I can't wait to see your fabrics, even better what you will create with them. You all did so much in such a short time, amazing. Welcome home.

  3. The photos certainly make me want to go there - and yes in spring those trees and flowers would be beautiful.

  4. Looks like you had a great time Chris. Looks like you saw a lot of wonderful things in a short time. The deer are amazing. I didn't think you would see a deer on a beach anywhere!

  5. I feel like I just went on a mini world tour!