Monday, August 26, 2013


Myself and a group of friends have just returned from the V & A exhibition in Brisbane and what a time we had!
Here we are enjoying happy hour on our first night .
We stayed right in the centre of town in two apartments and as you can see we were up in the air with all the birds and a great view.

On our walks to dinner and just around town we came across so many patchwork-themed scenarios.
Have a look at Rachael's blog - she had the camera out all the time and has some excellent pics for inspiration. This was in the head office of mining giant Rio Tinto.

Good old Queen Vic. She must be in all state capitals!
This greeted us at the Brisbane Art Gallery - I'd like the wallpaper after the event is over. Wonder what happens to it all? We were so excited to actually be there after lots of anticipation.

 No pics were allowed of the V & A quilts but there was a Ruth Stoneley show on at the same time. This was my favourite - a wonky log cabin?

Lunch at the Gallery - beautiful setting and lovely food too.
I saw several friends from the local area who'd all made the same trip.
Like old home week really.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Raffle quilt

This beautiful quilt is the raffle quilt for the up-coming Wentworth Quilters Quilt show.
They've used my Spring has Sprung pattern and it looks amazing! I'm so flattered they chose a design of mine.
As you can see lots and lots of applique with a bit of foundation piecing thrown in.

Well done all those involved and what a lovely label.

You can buy tickets for the chance to win this beauty at the show on the weekend of 21-22 September at the lovely Linwood House in Guildford.

These pics are from Caroline who did my class at The Quilters Stash in Murrumburrah.
A beautiful version of Jacobean Star .

Check out the quilting! Great job Caroline.
And check out this link too - quilting in space. Who would have thought!
Off to Brisbane tomorrow for the V & A exhibition - can't wait!!
Looking forward to a lovely weekend with eight quilty friends.

Monday, August 12, 2013

We've been to camp!

I've just come back from our annual teaching camp at the lovely Edmund Rice centre at Mulgoa.
Another great weekend of fun and laughter with a bit of work thrown in the mix.
Ann, my partner-in-crime taught a workshop on the Pineapple block with NO foundation piecing.
How good do these look. They could all be the one scrappy quilt.
This is our sewing room with great lighting and plenty of room to spread out.

My workshop was the good old feathered star block using foundation piecing. A bit complicated and you need to pay attention at all stages of the construction but I think everyone conquered the challenge as you can see below.
Some had a better result contrast-wise than others but they all look stunning. 

I look forward to show-and-tell next year when the girls come back with a finished project whether it's a quilt or just a big potholder!

Show-and-tell after dinner Saturday night included my Art Deco Lamp wall hanging and two versions of my Lots of Dots quilt plus so many students quilts that I was overwhelmed with photos.

 Here's Adelaide with her pineapples tho we thought they should really be melons! Too funny.
The group with their feathered stars...

and then with their Pineapple blocks. Ann and I are desperately trying to keep our eyes open in the very bright sun light!

I can't finish without a link to something interesting and on the star topic.
This will take you to some tutorials on the lone star quilt - check it out for some great ideas.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Noodle Box

The latest edition of Down Under Quilts magazine is about to hit the stores and I have a project in it.
Look for this cover and you'll find my.......
Noodle Box quilt featuring the quilt-as-you-go technique.

The blocks are a big 17" and in mine the foundation pieced flying geese surround four large print Oriental designs - yours could be whatever you like! They're a good size for extensive machine quilting as single blocks then they're joined together with thin sashing which won't overwhelm your block centres.

The quilt name came from the border blocks which are also QAYG and are attached to the centre blocks after foundation piecing and quilting.

It's a great project to practice machine quilting smaller pieces which you can then combine into a small quilt or wall hanging.
The magazine is issue # 159.
Also in this issue is a project from my friend "Heidi" - really Jeanette - from Gone Aussie Quilting.
Check it out for a lovely Orange Peel quilt.