Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hi Harper

Say hello to Harper Grace born today at 1.40pm.
I weighed 6lb 12, I am 49cms long and everyone says I have big feet!
Mum's a bit tired and dad's over the moon - so's Nanna.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy campers

We've just been to quilt camp and boy was it fun. Lots of girls worked on lots of different things and there was a heap of fun happening all weekend. Here's a selection of projects from these prolific quilters.
Show and tell on Saturday night was a feast for the eyes. I only see some of these girls from one year to the next and they always have fantastic quilts to show us .

We were in the country and it was a bit chilly at night. We had a short walk to the loos and Karen was making sure she survived the trip! 

Pam is a really  dedicated quilter as you can see from the pic. She's on a deadline to finish her quilt for the Sydney Quilt Show to be held shortly. Pity work gets in the way of our passion but I know she'll get there.

A close up of Janette's hexagons - aren't they beautiful. I believe there will be around 6000 in the finished product - good luck girl!

And here's what the well-dressed quilter wears to show and tell! Janet was making sure she was ready for her warm cosy bed as soon as the fun and games were finished.

Thought you might like to see this site all about your sewing machine. We can never hope to know it all.
Happy quilting!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I'm back!

This is the view from my classroom last weekend. I was at Tocal Agricultural College for a weekend with Maitland Quilters 

It was a beautiful setting and the classroom was huge. Good lighting, plenty of tables and a constant supply of morning and afternoon tea!
 The girls started with the centre of the Jacobean Star quilt in all different colourways.

This was their show and tell for Saturday night.

By Sunday things were really starting to happen! Lots of star points with those cursed set-in seams.

Donna was after the look of a marble floor with this batik version.

Ann-Marie's was coming together well.

Pat's was a stunner too.

But this one grabbed my eye. Those star points are there but because they are so pale it has made a new design. Robyn was combining NYB's from another project - just perfect. 

Speaking of NYB's these are some from a recent class that mad an impact.

Remember my Supernova Leftovers quilt? It's on the cover of the latest issue of DUQ with full instructions to make the quilt. 

I've just finished making a BOM quilt for a very well-known Sydney quilt shop. My lips are sealed til all is revealed at Darling Harbour! Can't wait to see it hanging at the shop's stall.
Which reminds me I must still finish quilting my two entries. Yikes only 2 weeks til drop-off day!
Better take them to quilt camp this weekend and put my head down.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Oh dear!

I won't be posting for a few days as my computer has died!! Don't know how I'll cope without it and I hope the Dr can save what's on it. Keep your fingers crossed.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Dookie - where's that?

Dookie is a little town in rural northern Victoria not too far from Wangaratta. I've just been to a quilting retreat at Dookie College run by the Wangaratta Centre Quilters and it was great. My friendly companion tutors were Gina Burgess and Lorraine Crocker from Adelaide and Deb Louie from NSW. We met up with Heather Ridley also from Adelaide on the first night.
This was our accommodation for the weekend - plasma tv and gas central heating - too good!
The huge site is an ex-agricultural college which is now a research centre. Also used for all sorts of retreats including quilting. There were lots of buildings around the campus like this and beautiful large trees that must have been planted when the college began. Acres of paddocks with farm animals and beautiful gardens. We even saw a fox running across the lawns one lunch-time.

The girls in my class chose to do my Pickled Lillies quilt over the two days and they sewed their socks off! I think they had fun and I know I did. Below is a selection from the workshop. Lots of different colour combos to please the eye.

Sunday just before we left to drive back to Melbourne Airport we had show-and-tell from all the classes.

Here's Gina with a few of her Kaleidoscope students - how clever are they.

Heather's class was making a coral reef - seaweed and fishy stuff - amazing.

Deb taught her free-motion class with great results.

And this is my group's efforts. Sorry Lorraine I seem to have missed out on a pic from your class.

Kay from my class is letting me show you these. She has one in memory of a quilty friend who passed away recently and the other shows how keen she is on sewing! That's dedication.

It was a whirlwind visit for all the tutors but a wonderful venue and great food.
The company was excellent and everyone was so friendly to the interstate visitors. Thanks for having me girls.