Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Would you believe I spent the afternoon sitting on the verandah waiting for a red-bellied black snake to come out from underneath. WIRES had no interest in catching it so I called a neighbour who arrived with a broom(!). It has been eating tadpoles from a nearby water feature we think and after lots of beating the bushes we think it has been scared away. Thank goodness - I hate the rotten things.

Anyway - fun classes on the weekend at Folklore and Hobbysew. Most girls are doing my Mariners quilts and don't they look fantastic.

I have the privilege of quilting Vicki's beautiful reproduction version of Mariners Garden - "can I have some feathers please" she says! I have quilted around six of them so far - you'd think I'd be sick of them by now.

Guess what - I won a prize at the Katoomba Quilt Show on the weekend with my Reproduction Beauties quilt. Runner-up in the traditional category so I missed out on the Bernina machine as 1st prize but that's OK. Great exhibition I hear - maybe a bigger venue next time?

Monday, March 9, 2009

I've just had the privilege of being this month's Friday showcase at the NSW Quilters Guild. How exciting it was to go into their office in Pitt St with a selection of quilts and talk about them and myself. It's a lovely setting if anyone's in town to go and look at quilts or use the library. I was well received I think and look forward to knowing more guild members at set-up day for the show.

Saturday it was off early to Anni's at The Home Patch for the monthly class - a few new faces and some regulars with a bit of fabric shopping while I was there. Hubby spent the day sailing on Ben Chifley Dam. Most girls have done or are doing the Mariners Madness quilt with a few starting the Reproduction New York Beauties one of mine very similar to the Springwood High raffle quilt.
The raffle quilt is out and about at the moment, currently at Glenbrook then to Patchwork Heart, Bernina Patch, Patchwork Mania then the Vintage Patch in Springwood just before the show. It's a really beautiful quilt so try and grab a ticket if you can - you never know your luck!
We are expecting visitors from Sweden soon - mum and dad and twin girls aged 2years - won't that be fun for us oldies! I can hardly wait.