Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Downtown Murrumburrah

They're still there! Last year when I had a workshop at The Quilters Stash these two were playing soccer?? in the window across the road. 12 months later they're still at it!
We had a great two days of the Jacobean Star quilt. Boy did those girls work hard.

These are some of the results...

Many and varied fabrics but they all look good. Hope to see lots of finished quilts in the near future!

A sneak peak at some things I've been working on... more later!

I've signed up for Bloglovin seeing Google reader is departing in July.
If you want to follow my blog use the Bloglovin button on the sidebar. Why do they change things that are working well!!
I came across  the blog from APQS quilting machines in the US. It's really for their long arm  machines but the info is useful for all quilting. Have a look back thru the topics - lots of interesting information.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sydney Quilt Show

Well guys we did it again! Our raffle quilt Homage won 1st prize in the group category. That's 4 times out of 6 entries!
The beautiful blue ribbon. Susie and I were there to cheer for the group when the winner was announced. Well done everyone!

There were also several entries from past students of mine. Carol was awarded 4th place for this beauty she started at AQC last year.

This was from an Epping Quilters workshop - sorry no name.

And Lois' Mariners Madness. She's the hand piecing queen so this was a real departure for her.
Love that striped border.

Another Mariners from Marrianne.
Birds in Paradise from Marrianne as well.

And friend Pam's Dahlia. The quilting was amazing.

Finally, my Hatchet quilt.
And this is just a part of the view from the upper deck!
over 400 quilts to see and admire. Get there if you can - it's on til Sunday at darling Harbour. You won't be disappointed
If you can't make it check out the winners here. At time of writing pics weren't up yet but come back soon to see all the stunning quilts.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Hunters Hill quilters

A bit of show and tell from previous classes.
This is Debi's Reproduction Beauties quilt all finished and bound - what a great job!
Sue's finished her Lots of Dots quilt and has done an amazing job quilting it herself.

 Check out this free motion quilting on her Bernina 440.
I had the pleasure last week to do a workshop with Hunters Hill quilters. What a great day in  a great venue with lovely girls. And one boy! this is my youngest ever student, little Daniel. He was so good all day and mum and grandma got lots done between them while Daniel added his ten cents worth!

There were NYB blocks happening all over the room which we shared for part of the day with the Community quilters. We got to see lots of their show and tell too.

These could all be in the one quilt tho everyone's fabric choices were so different.
I said I'd be at their next show to see all the finished quilts!
NOW for the big news - I've joined Facebook! I don't really know what I'm doing but my daughter assures me it's easy. So come on over and "like" me to see more of what's happening with my quilting life.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Class quilts

How's this for wow-factor! Colleen bought this You Little Beauty pattern from my etsy shop and has made a fantastic version of her own. She was a little hesitant to design her own border but with a bit of emailing back and forth it's turned out to be a stunner don't you think.

Lorraine (top) and Sandra (below) are working on my Hatchet quilt with two totally different looks happening. It's not a quick project and needs precision but it's so worth the effort.
I think they're having fun?
Shocking pics from my phone - sorry!
Bronwyn is nearing the end with her Chocolate Stars quilt. Just some corner compasses to go.
And this amazing top is Chris' from a Hobbysew class. She's used a striped background behind the compass which looks fantastic and the red stripe either side of the diamond border is a "film strip" design. Who would have thought! It's just perfect in that position and I think she's justifiably proud of her effort.
Sydney Quilt Show is fast approaching and I'll be there next Wednesday to see all the prize giving and check out the winning quilts especially the Best in Show. 11am near the entrance to the quilts if you're interested.
On the subject of quilt shows and winning quilts check out this blog post on how to block a quilt to make sure it is perfectly square - very interesting.