Thursday, October 29, 2009

DUQ magazine

This is the next issue of Down Under Quilts with the article about new quilts from old patterns and featuring our raffle quilt. Look for it in the newsagents early November.


What do you think Bernina would think of
this classic image! Lyn hadn't cleaned her
machine since buying it and there was
quite a bit of gunk in the bobbin area.
Typical male solution - get some
machinery on the job - it worked a treat
I can tell you.

Last year in Houston I bought some uncompleted double wedding ring/pickle dish arcs in 40's fabrics. They were so wonky with no two arcs the same size so I redrew the block in EQ and made a new arc template. I recut the arcs to be all the same and am in the process of piecing them with a yellow spot centre. Haven't decided on the colour for larger joining piece yet but it is fun working with all these lovely vintage prints.
Check out Martha's blog here to see some pieces almost the same and a different way of piecing them.

Keep an eye out for the next issue of Down Under Quilts which will be featuring the raffle quilt we made for this year's
Springwood Quilt Show. It's in an article on new ways with old designs and this is the quilt.

Have a look at Deborah (the editor's) blog here for more info.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Quilt camp

Things are hotting up for our annual "teaching camp" at Winbourne at Mulgoa, 30th Oct to 1st Nov. Ann and I hold two workshops on Saturday with something new each year - this is our 5th I think and Sunday's free to sew whatever. Lots of fun and laughter and time away from the everyday. I'll have some pics later of the fun and games.

Busy girls

Just had my Sunday class at Berrima
Patchwork and the girls have been very busy while I was away as you can see from the pics. How many different versions have I seen of the Mariners quilt and yet every one is beautiful.
The same class is continuing next month with my Quilt-as-you-go Noodle Box quilt (ring the store if you're interested) then a whole new year starts in February with classes every third weekend of the month ie. Saturday and Sunday. I will be sleeping over!
Click on the pic and check out the applique on the red and white Mariners - it is superb! I'm pretty sure it will be entered in next year's Sydney Quilt Show - if not I'll be asking questions!
I've picked up some classes at Ribbons and Rainbows in Blackheath, one of the longest running patchwork shops in NSW. Every Tuesday morning for the moment - maybe more later.
Call in if you are in the Mountains - it's a beautiful shop , jam-packed with all sorts of goodies. My friend Nerida is the manager and has been like a new broom to the place.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Catching up

Lots of pics today from classes before the big holiday. This is Ann's Mariners combination - Mariners Garden with a Mariners Madness border! This is the 1st one I've seen using both patterns. Well done Ann - why didn't I think of that?
I start back to classes tomorrow - it's been a long break and my head's not really with it yet.
I'm sure I will just pick up where I left off.

This is Carol's NYB quilt for her grand-daughter. I think she was a bit out of her comfort zone with this but she's persevered and I think it looks just right for a young lady.
I especially love the Kaffe border fabric. I wonder did Carol actually buy this one. It is perfect.

Caroline in my Friday class has been working on these blocks for quite a while and collecting fabric for the quilt for an even longer time.
Aren't they stunning. It's not til you can have a vertical look at some projects that you get the full impact. And of course when you stick with something for so long often you get sick of looking at it!
I think they are fantastic.

These guys are from my Berrima class - don't they look great.
Same pattern, so many different looks. The girls have done a wonderful amount of homework and I'm off to Berrima this Sunday to see them all again - they'll probably be finished the whole quilt by now having missed the September class.
PLEASE click on the SEWnSELL button on the left to take you to my on-line shop!!
I'm selling quilts that have been teaching samples and are now excess to my requirements and will have lots of patterns on there shortly.
Leave me a comment as to how you think it looks.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


One of the "quilty" things I did while in the UK was visit the neighbouring farm to where we were staying in Cornwall. Our host Mary (black skirt in the pic) told me that Jo next door was involved in quilting and would I like to come over and have a look. Yes please! Jo has the most wonderful set up of a shop, classroom and cafe attached to her century old farmhouse. Hubby ploughs the fields while Jo immerses herself in patchwork and quilting. As you can see there is a bored husbands seat outside and the shop is jam-packed with goodies. I managed to spend a bit! We had tea and cake in the cafe - thanks Jo - and looked in on a cushion making class. What a perfect set up tho Jo is flat out covering all bases and even has special events in a marquee out the back. What a busy girl she is. Kaffe Fassett has been to visit and Jo has been featured on a BBC program. Have a look at her website here.
I happened to find two quilt shows while I was there, both pretty small but very friendly. The quilts were lovely and when I mentioned Australia everyone said "we'd love to go but it's so far!" Just do it I said.
I didn't buy much fabric as the prices in Canada and the UK weren't much cheaper than here and the fabric was all the same anyway. Pays to shop at home I think.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Home again

Finally home after a wonderful trip. More details over the next few posts but I had to get this one up. In the latest issue of Down Under Quilts you'll find Jan Urquhart's EQ column with a query from Chris J. about how to draw this block from an old quilt - that's me!
She very kindly answered my query by writing a whole column on it - how kind she is - thanks Jan. The pic is of wrapping paper I bought and I'd love to make the same pattern but where to begin. EQ was the answer, now all I have to do is start sewing.