Friday, January 30, 2015


Last day in Hiroshima we went via tram, train and ferry to Miyajima Island. A huge temple complex with lots of shrines and even more souvenir shops. The weather was terrible but didn't stop us enjoying the adventure. 
Here's a local waiting out,of the rain. Free range deer are everywhere, even on the beach eating seaweed. 

This is an indication of the weather!

These were all over the foreshore. 

79 slippery steps up to the temple complex!

Beautiful setting. Imagine this in spring with all the plants flowering. 

Then on to Kyoto and the Golden Palace. Great city with lots of shopping (read more fabric). I would have liked more time here but that's the way it happened. 
A weeks not long enough for sure but thanks to Heather and Tony's expert organising we covered lots of ground and saw some amazing things. I could definitely go back. 
Home now and back to the real world!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Fun stuff

Erratum: My quilt photos from yesterday seemed to have loaded in the wrong order. The junior winner was the fish quilt not the intricate pickle dish. 
Saturday was sumo day. On the way we stumbled across a temple in beautiful gardens, complete with a performing monkey and a christening. 

At the end of his tricks his,owner turned on the heater for him!

The baby cried thru the whole ceremony. That's grandma in the middle dressed in lots of finery. 

We watched a few wrestlers arriving like film stars on the red carpet. They are massive!

Sunday we hopped on the bullet train and headed for Hiroshima. Lovely city despite its history. 

I hope the girl next to me didn't  mind her picture being taken! Mt Fuji in all its glory on the five hour train ride. Amazing trip. Why can't we do something like that. 

Gardens everywhere and proper coffee shops. 

It looked like a meth lab. The coffee is produced from a test tube and a Bunsen burner thingy. Very modern. 

All around the Peace Park are these pAper cranes - thousands,of them and so pretty. 

These are all made up,of individual origami cranes. Beautiful. 
Finally at dinner we saw this little guy out for a walk. How bizarre!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Tokyo Quilt Show pt 2

This won 1st prize in the Original Design category. 

Winner in the Junior category

I'd love to make this 

This was a 1st prize winner but I can't remember what it was for. Beautiful. 

This was amazing and what a great idea. Little hexies on bigger hexies. 
Today we went to the Tokyo fish markets for breakfast. What an experience. Couldn't identify half the produce and all the breakfast menus were fish related. Very interesting!
Went to Yuzawaya department store and found the fabric section OMG! Echino for $14/m! Japan's Spotlight for sure. And found a Kinokuniya store for the magazine Patchwork Tsushin. Bargain at $11 - usually $30 in Australia. 
Tomorrow is punk city - the land of Anime. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Tokyo Quilt Show pt 1

We are finally here! It's freezing and raining but who cares. These are my travelling companions, Heather, Esme and the long suffering Tony
As you can see we're all rugged up 
Note the diamond quilt on the forecourt!
We queued for 30 mins for a ticket, then 30 mins to actually get in. All those umbrellas are out in the rain. 
This is the view on entry. The show is over the baseball pitch with the stands all around for eating and resting. 
Just a few pics of quilts I liked and more in the next post. 
All the pieces in the compass were appliqu├ęd not pieced. 
Close up of the above. 

Amazing stretched diamonds. 
This was,so intricate. 
More tomorrow with this great free wi fi. We're off to have yummy ramen for dinner.