Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Would you believe I spent the afternoon sitting on the verandah waiting for a red-bellied black snake to come out from underneath. WIRES had no interest in catching it so I called a neighbour who arrived with a broom(!). It has been eating tadpoles from a nearby water feature we think and after lots of beating the bushes we think it has been scared away. Thank goodness - I hate the rotten things.

Anyway - fun classes on the weekend at Folklore and Hobbysew. Most girls are doing my Mariners quilts and don't they look fantastic.

I have the privilege of quilting Vicki's beautiful reproduction version of Mariners Garden - "can I have some feathers please" she says! I have quilted around six of them so far - you'd think I'd be sick of them by now.

Guess what - I won a prize at the Katoomba Quilt Show on the weekend with my Reproduction Beauties quilt. Runner-up in the traditional category so I missed out on the Bernina machine as 1st prize but that's OK. Great exhibition I hear - maybe a bigger venue next time?

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