Wednesday, October 7, 2009


One of the "quilty" things I did while in the UK was visit the neighbouring farm to where we were staying in Cornwall. Our host Mary (black skirt in the pic) told me that Jo next door was involved in quilting and would I like to come over and have a look. Yes please! Jo has the most wonderful set up of a shop, classroom and cafe attached to her century old farmhouse. Hubby ploughs the fields while Jo immerses herself in patchwork and quilting. As you can see there is a bored husbands seat outside and the shop is jam-packed with goodies. I managed to spend a bit! We had tea and cake in the cafe - thanks Jo - and looked in on a cushion making class. What a perfect set up tho Jo is flat out covering all bases and even has special events in a marquee out the back. What a busy girl she is. Kaffe Fassett has been to visit and Jo has been featured on a BBC program. Have a look at her website here.
I happened to find two quilt shows while I was there, both pretty small but very friendly. The quilts were lovely and when I mentioned Australia everyone said "we'd love to go but it's so far!" Just do it I said.
I didn't buy much fabric as the prices in Canada and the UK weren't much cheaper than here and the fabric was all the same anyway. Pays to shop at home I think.

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  1. How interesting. A good idea to have food right there where you shop for fabric. Lots of times when I go fabric shopping with friends, we go off somewhere to have lunch. This way you can grab a bite and keep shopping!