Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Show and tell

A few class pics today and lots more to come. Heather's compass centre surrounded by Deb's NYB blocks. They could be from the same project!
Jenny's stunning Pickled Lillies top. This is such a graphic design and she has used so many different browns it's fantastic, not to mention it even sits flat. Jenny is on fire at the moment - I want what she's having.

Beautiful applique on Sharon's Mariners quilt.

Black is a perfect foil for most colours. Anne-Marie has done a wonderful job here. All blocks completed and basted ready for quilting in three lessons.
Good news re the proceeds from our quilt show - over $10,000 was raised for sewing machines for the textile students and a significant donation to CanTeen. How good is that!
A little break and it's on with the next one. Rachel has some great pics of the show - hop on over and have a look. She also talks about the new EQ7 program. It's a hot topic at the moment with everyone wanting to be the 1st to have it. You can pre-order now thru the EQ website. I've just conquered EQ6 but it sounds like the upgrade will be great.
Only two weeks to go til quilt camp - a whole weekend of sewing with no interuptions. I can hardly wait!


  1. Some talented quilt makers for sure!

  2. So many beautiful quilts!!! I love the Pickled Lillies top and the applique on the Mariners is divine!! Great news about the amount raised by the quilt show! Maybe we'll see more of the textiles students works in next years show. Thanks for the comments about my blog! Cheers.

  3. Hi Chris,I really like the colours in the Pickled Lillies quilt top. You all must be very pleased with the proceeds from the Quilt Show a lot of organising and work but really worth the effort to support the School and textile students. (the future teachers of the craft) had a peek at Rachael's blog and of pictures setting up and EQ7.I am looking forward to Camp and sewing all day and all night yeh!

  4. Such eye candy! :) I really like that pickled lillies! I've never seen anything quite like that before...