Monday, September 20, 2010

What's on my design wall

This is my latest "playing around" project. I've always liked the dahlia quilts and this is my version. The plan is to have different blocks in a circle all around the centre and then see what happens. It's fun to play with all the blocks in EQ7 - some are good and some just don't work so I guess I'll make heaps and then choose.
A few pics from Berrima over the weekend.

This is Chris's NYB quilt but she has gone outside the square with the border. Why didn't I think of that!!
Fantastic work! Those geese have a very narrow bound edge and are appliqued onto the border - too easy.

She's also quilted her Mariners Madness - it looks even better in the flesh.
Better join the guild girl and get them into Darling Harbour next year for alI to see.
Lovely muted colours in these NYB blocks.

Wish I could say this was from class but it's a coat worn by Jimi Hendrix - isn't it wonderful and wasn't he a trendsetter. How cool are those hexagons.
I'm off to Toowoomba on Wednesday for Quilting on the Downs - can't wait. Hope those Qld quilters like foundation piecing! We're continuing on to Noosa for a week so I'll be back in a little while.


  1. All those little circle blocks are going to be a very good addition to your quilt.

  2. Lots of gorgeous things in this post!! Your Dahlia quilt is looking amazing!! I love Jimi Hendrixs coat, it makes you wonder who actually made it. Have a wonderful time up North!!