Monday, March 28, 2011

Round and round

Some blocks from Saturday's class - Lots of dots and Alice's Dahlia centre

These Beauties are Sue's from my Hobbysew class.
She's quilted it herself but my photos don't do it justice.
Lots of custom designs in each block - fantastic job.
There's lots of talk in blogland at the moment about the exhibition in NY of
650 red and white quilts at the Museum of Folk Art.
Wouldn't you love to be there! Here's a link to Martha Stewart's blog with lots of pics instead.
I'm off to Toowoomba on Sunday for two days of classes at Precious Time
teaching Lots of Dots. Rumour has it that one of my students will be Sue Ross!!
My-oh-my the pressure will be on now.
An interesting link I just found on buying vintage sewing machines is here.

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  1. Oh the photos of the red and white quilt exhibition popping up all over the net are just amazing!!!So are all those dazzling circles, beauties and dahlia! Have lots of dotty fun in Toowoomba!!