Tuesday, April 19, 2011

On the road 1

Emperors wheel from Warriewood
I've been travelling a lot lately even after coming back from Toowoomba so these pics are quite varied.

Summer baskets from Warriewood
A gorgeous version of Summer Baskets using a heap of lovely doilies, ric rac and yummy fabrics

Friendship Ring - this has had three different backgrounds so far!

Kris' beautiful Hexagon Magic. After major quilting dramas it looks so beautiful. Her sister will love it.

Now this is Sue's Friendship Ring, a project started at last year's teaching camp.
The fabrics go together so well and the quilting done by Carol Ikin from Lawson is fantastic.
Here is a close-up and one of the back. Great choice of fabrics and great quilting to match.
You can see this in the flesh at the Springwood Quilt Show coming up the weekend after Easter.

Talking of quilting I received my dahlia quilt back from Belinda Betts in Orange today.
What a fantastic job she has done to highlight the design. No pics yet until I do the binding but it will also be on display at the quilt show. She's does really top-class quilting and is off the the US early May for a "study tour" of machine quilting to further her knowledge.
More pics from my travels soon.

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  1. Lots of lovely photos!! My friendship Circle is at the quilters at the moment, sadly it wont be done for this years Springwood quilt Show but there's always next year. Looking forward to seeing your Dahlia Quilt. It'll be a highlight of the Springwood Show for sure!!! Can you believe it's only 9 days away!!