Thursday, June 23, 2011

Who's a lucky girl

Guess what? I won a 1st prize today at the Sydney quilt show!! Can you believe it - I was nearly in tears going to receive my award for the category New Traditions from Old Favourites with my Lots of Dots quilt.
It is so exciting to even have a quilt noticed at this show let alone win a prize. I am so pleased and thank the sponsors Matilda's Own wadding for my great prize.
Check out all the winning quilts here - the standard this year is very impressive. Try and get there - it's on til Sunday and you won't be disappointed I guarantee.
Not to mention all the retail therapy!

Prize winning Lots of Dots

My 2nd entry in the show was this Ancient Dahlia quilt. It didn't win a prize but looks great hanging with all the others at the show. It was quilted for me by Belinda Betts from Orange and she did a fantastic job.
Belinda's son Harry took out a prize in the Junior category at the show. Must be in the genes!!
I'm off to Wagga tomorrow for a 2-day workshop at Simply Stitches so should have lots of pics when I get home.


  1. So exciting to see you yesterday, Chris - if only across a crowded room :-)). It would have been fun to talk, but after your well-deserved win you must have received accolades aplenty! Both your quilts were stunning, and I took photos of them as I walked around later with my friend Di B. Congratulations!!!!!

  2. A big congratulations! You certainly deserved first place.

  3. Congratulations Chris!!! Well deserved!

  4. Yes, I can believe it won a prize! :D That's an amazing quilt. Congratulations on the First. :D

  5. Your wonderful quilt is such a winner!! Congratulations!! I hope you had champagne to celebrate! Have fun in Wagga!!

  6. Oh Chris, it surely wasn't "luck!" Goodness, I'm sure you put lots of thought, effort, time, effort, patience, good workmanship, and effort into that fabulous quilt. You most assuredly EARNED your win! Congratulations! I couldn't be more pleased for you! And how will you spend your winnings... if I may ask?

  7. Hello Chris, congratulations - I saw both quilts hanging today - woo hoo - bet you are pleased as punch. Good on you. The dahlia quilt was beautiful too.

  8. Congratulations!
    Didn't see the quilt 'in the flesh as unable to get to Darling Harbour this year, but have admired your work for many years.
    One day, (when I retire) I will be able to take a class with you. Looking forward to that day.