Tuesday, August 16, 2011

We've just been to camp! 30 happy campers all busy sewing and having tons of fun.

Two workshops on Saturday kept everyone on their toes......

...and some even finished both projects by Sunday afternoon.
(Love the magnolia)

Pick the donkey - ha, ha! We always stop and give Tom-ass some fruit on the way back from picking up our yummy lunch platters. This time we discovered he's actually Tom-assina. I had to wind up the window to get her out of the car.

We even found a patchwork horse.
Zoom in for a closer look - maybe he's having an allergy test? It was on both sides.

Two of the loveliest girls I know trying to look natural!

Tracey has drawn this design from a piece of fabric and taken it to the next level with free-motion quilting. She's a fantastic folk artist - this time she's painting with thread.

Some show-and-tell from Saturday night. Clever girls these campers.

Always good fun to get away with like-minded friends.
Can't wait til next May.

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  1. LoL!! It looks like I'm about to eat Pam!! So funny!! Camp was so much fun! Great photos of Show and Tell!