Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy campers

We've just been to quilt camp and boy was it fun. Lots of girls worked on lots of different things and there was a heap of fun happening all weekend. Here's a selection of projects from these prolific quilters.
Show and tell on Saturday night was a feast for the eyes. I only see some of these girls from one year to the next and they always have fantastic quilts to show us .

We were in the country and it was a bit chilly at night. We had a short walk to the loos and Karen was making sure she survived the trip! 

Pam is a really  dedicated quilter as you can see from the pic. She's on a deadline to finish her quilt for the Sydney Quilt Show to be held shortly. Pity work gets in the way of our passion but I know she'll get there.

A close up of Janette's hexagons - aren't they beautiful. I believe there will be around 6000 in the finished product - good luck girl!

And here's what the well-dressed quilter wears to show and tell! Janet was making sure she was ready for her warm cosy bed as soon as the fun and games were finished.

Thought you might like to see this site all about your sewing machine. We can never hope to know it all.
Happy quilting!

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  1. Thank you for organising such a great camp!! Show and tell is always fun, so many different styles and all of the projects were beautiful. Janet deserved Best Dressed in her pink dressing gown!