Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Just a few pics today from recent classes....
Judy's Deco Lamp

Michelle's NYB top
 Jenny's version of Friendship Ring
Another Jenny holding Sue's Supernova Leftovers top

This is my project for our up-and-coming quilt camp workshop - the old feathered star block. Nice and big at 24" - hope it's a hit with the troops!
And another project I'm working on at the moment is this block I've named Atomic. I found it in an old book on star quilts and redrew it in EQ7. Black and white backgrounds with brights for all the other pieces and black/grey for the connecting squares. Not sure how many blocks yet but they are 20" so I won't need too many.



  1. Fabulous show and tell from your clever students! I love that Atomic block!! Looking forward to making a Feathered Star!

  2. Is atomic meant to look like planes? That's what it looked like to me LOL.