Thursday, September 12, 2013

Epping Show and a win

Pics from Epping Quilt Show last weekend...
a lovely version of Birds in Paradise..

great NYB quilt...

and this Jenny's version of nearly the same pattern.

Trish's Mariners Garden.

I have actually won a giveaway!! Can you believe that I won 5 x 1/2 yds of this beautiful Echino fabric in an Action Kivu Giveaway.
Thanks so much Andres for donating this bundle and to Alissa for organising it.
I believe they raised over $11,000 thru donations. Well done and the money goes to help women and children in Eastern Congo.
Here's a link to an amazing quilt in a museum in Illinois. Take the time to watch the slide show at the end of the post too.


  1. Looks like the Epping Show was worth seeing. Lucky you winning those fabulous fabrics!! I love the deers wearing glasses and aqua spots. Thanks for the link to the museum.

  2. Isn't Polly's Quilt just amazing. I missed the Epping Quilt Show next time. Congrats on winning the fabric they have raised a lot of money good on them! It must give you a thrill to see Quilt's on display that have been made from your Patterns.

  3. You're very welcome, I hope you have fun with the fabric!

  4. Great to see such gorgeous quilts. I have never tried a Bird of Paradise pattern in my work ... must give it a go. Congrats on your win - lovely stuff! xCathy