Saturday, January 11, 2014

I'm excited!

Last year I started corresponding with Laura from Common Threads, a quilt shop in Waxahachie Texas - don't you just love that name!
She was interested in doing a Block-of-the-month through the shop using my Spring has Sprung pattern. I must admit I'd forgotten about the whole thing til I received this pic of the shop's version.
What a beautiful surprise! Doesn't it look great in reproduction fabrics.
 Below is my quilt and you can see Laura's stuck to the original design all the way through. I'm so pleased and flattered this is happening - the world sure is getting smaller!
They've already had some sign-ups so if you're interested in the BOM featuring LOTS of applique and some foundation piecing too have a look here. You get the pattern and fabric for the quilt at a VERY reasonable price. Thanks again Laura!

Among other things over the break I started putting these blocks together.
In 2008 at Houston Quilt Show I bought a bundle of 1940s stars, machine pieced but no background, just the stars. Over the last few months, by hand,  I've been adding a mixture of solid backgrounds to all the stars. 
The fabrics are so typical of the era and even tho the stars weren't all the same size you can't really tell when they're trimmed back.
A couple of fabrics for the setting triangles are vintage as well bought on etsy here. It's been a fun project - just needs a border now.


  1. Chris, your quilt is spectacular!! You really worked magic with the fabrics....

  2. Congratulations on your international success! And it does look stunning in both fabric choices. Love those 1940 fabrics - what fun.

  3. How exciting! Its a beautiful design and both versions look great. What a lovely surprise!

  4. That is very exciting. The fabric Common Threads have chosen are beautiful. No doubt there will be versions of this quilt popping up all over the world. I love your 40's stars, those setting zig zags are fabulous!!

  5. Congratulations. You deserve it, your designs are great.

  6. Oh wow I am so glad Common Threads Quilting helped me discover your blog and work. I desperately wanted to attend your class at Taupo Symposium last year but they cancelled I can learn from you after all. Common Threads Quilting are the best and I order their BOMs frequently. They give the best service and I have developed a lovely across the oceans telephone and email friendship with Carol who does all the shipping etc of the BOMs. Laura has also helped me choose fabric over the phone. I have been to their store once in October 2011 - it is divine. Once again I am tempted by their latest BOM.
    I live in Lower Hutt New Zealand

  7. I totally agree! Technology has made the world so much smaller. Our own friendship is an example of that! How wonderful that the quilt shop in Texas has picked up your design! I'm giggling though that you would comment on the name of the city as being unusual when Australia has the most unusual names of anywhere! :-) Woolloomooloo?! Uluru?! Warnambool? Love it!

  8. The stars and setting fabric in your quilt remind me so much of what is modern fabric today. In fact, I feel like some of those fabrics could very well be a Denyse Schmidt design. I knew she used vintage prints for her inspiration, but the similarities are striking. What a lovely project!

    I just saw Blue Mountain Daisy's version of one of your patterns she called Octopus's Garden and found her interview with you from 2 years ago. Glad to have been introduced to your designs!