Monday, February 17, 2014

Class action

My teaching schedule is back in full swing again and here are some pics from recent classes....

Same class, different version.

Helen's Ferris Wheel. My version is in the current issue of Quilters Companion magazine.

Julie's Jacobean Star. She won 1st prize at the Gunning Show with this!

One block from a Lots of Dots workshop

Jill's Mariners Madness PLUS. It's massive and made for her son who loves it.
The flying geese were a challenge but look fantastic!

Matiah's Chocolate Stars centre - lovely fussy cutting.

Roz's Hatchet...

...and Sandra's version. Love them both.

Trish's NYB quilt. The border is sailing boats - sorry about the rotten pic.
I'll be back next post with some pics from my Cooma workshop last weekend. A great time was had by all!!
In the meantime here are a couple of interesting links...
 the Olympic quilt
and the IQSCM quilt of the month - love this


  1. Wow!! Every one of these quilt is breathtaking!!

  2. Hi. Can someone tell me what the fabric is (1st picture) inside square/outside the medallion circle. I love it!