Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Silly season!

Saturday saw our Xmas lunch with a group here at home. There was lots of show and tell for the last class of the year with Pam's finish of her Lots of Dots masterpiece. She will be persuaded to put it in next year's Sydney Quilt Show - can't wait for her response!
 The block below is a ring-in from the original - I love it!
 The full picture - just needs quilting.

Newcomer Karen has been working on Reproduction Beauties and what a burst of colour.

She was wearing orange on the day and blended perfectly.
 Yas drew this on A4 paper and blew it up at the copy shop which became her foundation pattern. It was stunning and all drawn freehand. Can't wait to see what happens next.
After all that excitement and swapping of presents we hoed into a lovely lunch with fruit, White Xmas and Alice's triple-decker pav for dessert. Oh and some bubbles to go with it all. What a day!

 Margaret from Hobbysew designed this quilt for her granddaughter for Xmas. Lots of maths and measuring involved to make the pictures fit but it looks great. She will be pleased I'm sure.
And Jenny is getting ready to quilt her Sunflower top - lots and lots of beautiful reproduction fabrics. This is a new pattern in my etsy shop. Hop on over and have a look.

Lastly, it's lovely to see the team from Quiltmania magazine liked our Springwood quilt show raffle quilt enough to include it in the latest issue. What great publicity - thanks guys!
Classes are winding down for the year and I'm planning some holiday projects of my own. Can't wait to get to that machine!


  1. They all look bright and beautiful. The Pavlova was very yummy, thank you Alice, who is now in Hawaii enjoying a lovely holiday. Thank you Chris for another great Year. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  2. Wonderful and creative work, looks like a great day

  3. You ladies do work that leaves me in awe. Gorgeous, gorgeous....and so inspiring! I wish I could buy or learn your mojo.......thanks for sharing with those of us so far away.....the highlight of my day!

  4. I found your blog through Google and saw some of your blog-posts. It looks like you are very fond of colorful designs like me. I like your designs very much as you use multiple colors and give a fantastic look to them. I have bookmarked your blog as well.