Thursday, October 22, 2015

Snake Gully and Galong

It's been a busy couple of weeks with back-to-back workshops in opposite ends of the state..
First was a revisit to Snake Gully Quilters in Muswellbrook who chose a few projects including "what to do with a tablecloth".
I've done three of these so far and love playing with them all. Add hexies, dresdens, circles - whatever you like to complement the embroidery.
 These are two of mine and were the guidance for the following pic.
 So pretty and a WIP. Can't wait to see them on my next visit.
 They also worked on a new quilt - Snowball Circle with quick and stunning results.

 At show-and-tell Roz popped this out - Jacobean Star...
 and Jill has completed her Square Dance top. Well done to both - they look great. Now for the quilting.
 The weekend after I was off to Galong, down near Young where the retreat was held in a magnificent monastery.
 Three projects this time - Mariners Madness
 Val looking very coy! and a couple of Supernova blocks happening too.
 Irene Blanck was a fellow tutor and we had a lovely time chatting over a few beverages at happy hour. Helen loves to photo-bomb!
 There was lots of interest in a new quilt - that Snowball Circle again, and my chauffeur for the weekend, Janette won the major raffle prize. How good is that!
 Lots of girls had to leave before show-and-tell, some travelling from as far away as Victoria to enjoy the retreat.
 A small group tackled Birds in Paradise - a time consuming quilt so I'll be waiting for more updates from these girls soon. No pressure!
In my absence I was elected Membership Secretary of the Quilters Guild, now to be known as Quilt NSW and I had my first trial by fire this week. Lots of data entry etc to keep the membership list up to date but I'm sure it will become easier over time. Wish me luck!


  1. Wow what wonderful work your ladies accomplished at your workshop! I love the tablecloth quilts. I have have one lurking in my cupboard just waiting for embellishment. Looks like you had a great time! I bet Jeanette is very happy with her prize!

  2. Your designs, and your students' designs are always lovely. So intricate... and time-consuming! I bet I'm right about that! :-) Congrats on your new guild position. And I bet that will be time-consuming too! You've definitely made quilting your life, haven't you? And all of it is fulfilling, I'm sure.

  3. Wow those tablecloth updates are wonderful. What a great idea and a class I'd love to take. You seem to really bring out the creativity in your pupils. I certainly feel inspired by your wonderful patterns.

  4. I just love your table cloth quilts Chris! brilliant idea and I especially love the first one where you have picked out the colours of the embroidery!

  5. Such beautiful quilts Chris! Definite eye candy. Congratulations on becoming membership secretary - maybe I should hassle you about my membership and whether it is actually current (kidding). Had all kinds of problems - apparently I wasn't a member last year but still managed to enter the show? Lol. No one ever got back to me about whether I owe money. Good luck!

  6. They all look glorious! What a great place to have the retreat. Congrats (if that's the right word?) on the Membership Secretary position. Hope you still find time to quilt!! xCathy

  7. these are very interesting looking quilts!! I do believe I am going to add you to my feedly reader so I can remember where you are and look and see what else you are making. Interesting designs for sure

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