Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I've just received today issue 130/September 2009 of Quilts Japan. Tho the whole mag is in Japanese the pics are fantastic and the projects could be accomplished with a bit of concentration. Anyway this issue has an English flavour with pics from several museums in the UK - Norwich in particular. Why wasn't it around before I was over there last year. This pic is of the Brereton Bed Hangings and more can be seen here. Real eye candy!
These two pics are from my workshop at Quiltsmith on the weekend. They include two projects from a past class and the start of the weekend's Oriental Mariners quilt. We had a great day playing with the same design in different fabrics and tho the quilt wasn't finished over the two days I'm sure the girls are well on their way. Can't wait to see them finished.

Now this one is a version of my Doily quilt below. Gabrielle from my Blackheath class has used up a lot of embroideries, hankies, lace and doilies in this beautiful, soft-toned example of how to get things out of the linen-press and into the daylight. She has @ 5 weeks to quilt it for our Springwood quilt show - no golf for a while girl!

This quilt apparently has caused lots of discussion in the shop - Ribbons and Rainbows - when people comment on their own stash of stitcheries and doilies languishing in the cupboard. Cut them up!! and get them out there I say.

Hubby's finally got the all-clear on his ribs nearly 10 weeks after the event so he's pretty much back to normal now. What a saga!

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  1. Hi Chris,
    What a great idea for the use of all those Doiley's. Funny thing I was in Vinnies on
    Monday looking for Doileys but for another purpose! I am a great fan of the Mariners Compass as you know in. Iove the oval shaped one especially! I look forward to you blogs each week or so. Pamela